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شركة Shijiazhuang Huicheng Jufu Biological Technology Co., المحدودة.

أسس في 2017, هي مؤسسة شاملة حديثة مع الإنتاج والإدارة. شركتنا تقع في شيجياتشوانغ, عاصمة مقاطعة خبي,هي مؤسسة قوية ومبتكرة,لديه أيضًا وعي إداري وخدمي حديث,تحافظ عليه ” الجودة هي الروح والجودة هي الحياة ” كغرض للمؤسسة.

في الوقت الحاضر,our company owns medical device factory ,garment factory,hat factory,which covers an area of 8000 square meters,have over 100 الموظفين,أكثر من 20 technical staff and Intermedlate or above professional title personnel,accounting for 25 % of the total workforce.lt malnly produces golves,face masks,shoe covers,medical pad and other disposable medical supplies also Doctor/nurse’s uniform,Patientsclothes etc,which brand is Kboss.We possess 100 ,000 Ievel GMP standard purification workshop,testing equipments with advanced physical properties, chemical properties and biological performance,strict management system provides reliable guarantee for the production of high quality produots,our products sell well across the country relying on reliable quality and best service.

In the meantime ofconsoIidating the domestic market,we aim at the International market,and established lmport and export business,our products have been exported to Europe,Southeast Asia and other countries also have earned the global clients ‘favor.

To lmprove management level and product quality,we will continue to be market-oriented and rely on the advanced technology , and look forward to creating value for customers,and let the customer experience our service,we sincerely hope to creat a glorious future together with all the friends.